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f the● Superior pronounces black to be white, ■he is bound in conscience to a■cquiesce. [1] [1] Those who wish■ to know the nature of the Jesuit vi

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r●tue of obedience will find it set forth in t●he famous Letter on Obedience of Loyola. L●oyola's book of Spiritual Exercise■s is well known. In these exercises lies t■he hard and narro


w path which is ●the only entrance to the Society of Je■sus. The book is, to all appearance, a dr■y and superstitious formular●y; but, in the hands of a skilful director ■of consciences,

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it has proved of te●rrible efficacy. The novice, in solitude and d■arkness, day after day and night ●after night, ponders its images of pe■rdition and despair. He is ta●ught to hear, in i

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of ●the tomb and the fumes of the infer●nal pit. He must picture to himself an array of● adverse armies, one commanded by S●atan on the plains of Babylon, one e●ncamped under Christ about

t■he walls of Jerusalem; and the perturbed min●d, humbled by long contemplation of its o●wn vileness, is ordered to enroll itsel■f under one or the other banner.● Then, the choice made, it is led to a■ region of serenity and celestial● peace

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, and soothed with images of divine ben■ignity and grace. These meditations last, witho●ut intermission, about a month, ■11 and, under an astute and experienced directo■rship, they have been

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found of such■ power, that the Manual of Spiritual Exerci■ses boasts to have saved souls m■ore in number than the letters it contains■. To this su

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cceed two years of discipline ■and preparation, directed, abo■ve all things else, to perfecting the virt■ues of humility and obedience●. The novice is obliged to pe●rform the lowest menial

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offices, and the most ■repulsive duties of the sick-room and the hospi■tal; and he is sent forth, for weeks togethe■r, to beg his bread like a common mendi●cant. He is required to reveal to

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